The Book: Shangrila Inmortal Tattooing

Shangrila Inmortal Tattooing

Shangrila Inmortal Tattooing, is the first great book composed of a collection of exclusive paintings, with the participation of more than 150 artists (with Raniero Patutiki) worldwide, references in their genre.

The theme is to interpret with painting, rigorously hand-painted, an region of the world, a culture or a tribe, according to the vision of each tattoo artist. An exciting journey into the vision and experience of each artist, who with his work gives light to the sources of inspiration that have formed the basis of what we now call the modern tattoo. Indigenous tribes of South America, ancient areas of India, historical cultures of the Pacific, nomadic civilization of North Africa and so on, meet for the first time, in a book that has no precedent, that every tattoo studio or collector must have.


The Book will be produced and sold worldwide, in a limited edition of only 1000 numbered copies. It will not be reprinted, just to make the product exclusive and not commercial.



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